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My Ideal Garden, the dream of an apartment owner

One should never underestimate the importance of owning a garden. As someone who is living in an apartment at present, it is times like these when I long for the long summer days and nights spent in the garden relaxing and enjoying the serenity it brings.

If you feel that your garden is more jungle-like than the rainforest, now might be a fabulous time to create the garden you always longed for. Think about all the time you could spend relaxing outdoors and enjoying the summer sun especially as we all need to be spending more time at home these days with the current restrictions in place.

My ideal back garden would include a spacious deck with lounge chairs and a water feature for some beautiful background noise while reading my favourite book. Also, I will not forget about my toddler who would love his very own little playground which might stop him asking when the park playground is reopening again, a question that I cannot seem to answer for him. Check out this fabulous playhouse, slide and swing set (image below) available for delivery from Jungle Gym. They have a wide range of children’s climbing frames and play equipment available online for delivery.

Check out this sandpit which is only €49.99 available to order online from Plumplay, which stock a wide range of outdoor toys and equipment to suit all ages.
If you are someone who loves to entertain family and enjoy this barbeque weather, you may love the garden furniture and bbq items featured below.

Images sourced from LivingSocial who are selling a wide range of garden furniture and have many garden deals like this outdoor swing bench and furniture set featured above.

However, let us not forget the front garden which can make your house stand out from the rest. I know from walking around the different neighbourhoods outdoors, I do love to look at how people have designed their gardens and what they feature. Items such as a bench, garden ornaments, lighting and flowers can all make a garden look truly spectacular.

A large selection of plants and herbs are available from Mount Venus Nursery, currently operating an online service. Check out our Finished Directory for a full list of suppliers to help cater to all your garden needs.

Have a look at my ideas below and if you need any help with creating your own perfect garden, I have a list of people who may be able to help!

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