Teenage den designs: the elements

Teenage den designs may be the answer your family has been looking for! Are your kids grown up and their playroom unused these days? Looking a little worse for wear, perhaps? Hands up all those parents that keep falling over ever-longer teen legs in the living room!

Not that we want to keep our kids out of our living area, but they do need extra space, no matter what we think, so making them a personalised space that incorporates their interests and gives them an adult-free, private place to spend time is great for generational diplomacy, not to mention relaxing for all involved.

Don’t we call that a ‘bedroom’?

Well, sure, but not all bedrooms are created equally. Storage space, room for scientific experiments, music practice (and all that sheet music) and art space, can all be difficult to fit into a room that has a bed, a dresser, a wardrobe and goodness knows what else.

If a bedroom is all you have to work with, you can still split off part of it, and create a lounge environment within that. Some serious beanbags, a corner sofa, or even demarcating the floor with funky rugs or design, can give that ‘living room’ vibe, whilst still being firmly in the domain of the teenager.

Colour for teenagers

Many kids like bright colours and funky designs, despite the often common attraction to black. Thanks to vinyl decals and one-coat paint, you can deliver this requirement with a bit of parental pizzazz. Cover the walls in their favourite colour—or if that’s a little on the dark side, finish an accent wall in that shade, and something a little lighter for the rest.

Blackboard vinyl decals come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, or you can funk up a whole small alcove in blackboard paint, to encourage fun ideas, notes, and reminders. Vinyl can also be pretty! So birds, animals, plants, and other shapes and designs can be popped on the walls in appropriate places for additional visual interest and ahhh-factor.

Rugs don’t have to match the walls; you know your kid the best. Geometric designs with clashing colours could be the answer, or you may prefer to keep things pretty, or classic with a plain accent colour.

Short pile rugs with a rubber backing tend to be the most long-lived, not least because you can wash them down and quite often throw them in the washing machine if necessary.


Wondering where you’re going to fit a desk or table in your teenager’s den? Why not run a heavy wooden bench along the length of the room on one side? That would give them plenty of room for seats, friends, creativity and of course, it can always be a dumping ground too.

Soft furnishings to provide them and their friends with comfortable places to lounge and watch TV are, of course, essential. How you go about that, though, depends on your kids’ tastes. Do they want a sofa? Or would they prefer a pile of beanbags in the corner? Beanbags and cushions tend to lose shape and filling over time, so well-stuffed ones are essential.

Cupboards and other storage space are also imperative; it’s impossible to tidy things away if there’s nowhere to keep them. However, you can get really creative with storage ideas. Cuboid modular shelving is all the rage at the moment, and it looks like a trend that is set to continue. Whatever your price range, there appears to be something you can get that does this. Whether you create something from scratch out of scaffolding boards, or simply buy in the modules you need, this shelving has purpose, as well as design, and that’s why it’s such a good investment.


Lighting really will make a big difference to your teen’s den. Rather than assuming all they need is a powerful overhead light, you’ll find that layering the light within the room creates a sophisticated ambience that a teenager will enjoy. They aren’t bairns any more, and they do need to feel that they’re being taken seriously.

If you’ve got a large feature in the room, such as a table football game or a pool table, you may wish to hang a traditional pendant over it.

Any dark corners can be lit up with practical table lamps, or, if you think they’re likely to be knocked over and broken (again, you know your child), cunningly placed sconces or wall lights will give the same effect, without being placed at so much risk.

Coved LEDs can give a funky uplight to a special shelf of trophies or prized possessions, and for a really fun effect, colour change LED strips are really easy to install.

We know you want the best for your kids, and there’s nothing like fun, colourful, and comfortable surroundings to keep positivity and creativity flowing like it should. The Finished team loves the ideas we’ve been finding, so we hope your home and kids enjoy your own specially designed teenage den.

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