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Kitchen Design by Angela Connolly, Conbu Interior Design

Conbu Interior Design

When designing a kitchen there is so much to consider: layout, storage, lighting, plumbing, electrical, the overall look and style but more importantly the budget.

If your existing kitchen layout doesn’t work consider your options. Think about a linear arrangement by removing the corners which will utilise all the space, and ensure everything is accessible. If this isn’t possible incorporate corner carousels. Drawers instead of doors on floor units allows for ease of access.









It can be difficult to reach items on higher wall unit shelves so consider incorporating some pull-down units. When it comes to finishes remember that flooring and worktops are items which can not be changed easily or cheaply so choose something you can live with for a long time. Quartz worktops are a great option as they can have the look of marble but no maintenance is required.


When replacing your kitchen you will need to upgrade your electrical and plumbing. Regulations change all the time so make sure you engage reputable tradesmen. Consult an Interior Designer who will have the up to date knowledge of products, regulations, fixtures and fittings. An Interior Designer can also manage the project for you and ensure your new kitchen works as efficiently as possible.


Images from Conbu Interior Design

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