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Here at Finished, we believe in more than just a space to wash in, so our Finishers came up with a bunch of luxury finishes for your bathroom.

Considering the industrial kitchen trend for your kitchen renovation? Our guidelines will help you work out the most practical and long-lasting design.

True Finishers know detail is everything when it comes to the finishing touches for your newly decorated living room. Read on for some great ideas!

Curtains and blinds are both very different in how the act and in how they look but ultimately have the same outcome. Curtains do come across much more stylish and can fit in with the rest of the decor nicely if chosen well. They can be used to coordinate with everything else in the room or stand out in contrast. Whereas curtains do come in a variety of styles and texture they are not a useful in everyday life as blinds are. Curtains have the added benefit of adding warmth to a room, they also work as a sound barrier to keep noise inside the room. But blinds make a room seem much larger and fold away easily. 

The sofa is the biggest piece of furniture to be placed in the living room. The ideal sofa placement will be based around a few things like the balance and flow of the room and the amount of space that should be left around the sofa. All these factors will help you to decide on where you should put your sofa.

A bathroom all be it one of the most often used rooms in the house is quite often forgotten in something like the remodel of a house, but it is almost always an easy fix to spruce it up a bit. It starts with trying to organise all the toiletries and towels. This can often be solved by removing old bottles. Another solution is instead of having a mirror, have mirrored cabinets or multi-tray storage units to hold items and stop them from cluttering up your bathroom.