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Corner Sofas: Complete Buying Guide from Finline Furniture

Corner Sofas: Complete Buying Guide from Finline Furniture

Welcome to your ultimate guide on corner sofas, brought to you by Finline Furniture. Whether you’re looking to maximise your seating options, optimise space, or simply want to update your living area, a corner sofa can be a transformative addition to your home. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about corner sofas—from choosing the right type and understanding the pros and cons to measuring your space accurately. Plus, we’ll answer the most common questions about corner sofas, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Introduction to Corner Sofas

A corner sofa, often seen as the centrepiece of a living room, combines ample seating with stylish design. Perfect for both large and small spaces, these sofas make use of corners in a room, which are often underutilised. By doing so, they provide a generous amount of seating without compromising on floor space.
Finline Furniture offers a diverse range of corner sofas, each designed to suit various home decors and customer needs. From hosting movie nights to providing a cosy nook for your reading sessions, a corner sofa can cater to all. Their versatility extends beyond just functionality as they also play a crucial role in defining the aesthetic of a room. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or a harmonious blend-in, our collection is sure to meet your expectations.

Types of Corner Sofa

Choosing the right corner sofa involves understanding the different types available in the market. Here’s a breakdown:

Modular Corner Sofas

These sofas come in sections or modules that can be arranged in multiple configurations. They’re ideal for those who love rearranging their space or move homes frequently, as they can be easily adapted to new spaces.

Fixed Corner Sofas

These are standard corner sofas with fixed layouts. They are perfect for those who have a specific area designated for the sofa and do not plan on moving it around. They usually come in a ‘L’ shape and can fit snugly into corners.

Recliner Corner Sofas

For those who prioritise comfort, recliner corner sofas are an excellent choice. They have built-in mechanisms that allow you to recline and extend footrests, providing the ultimate relaxation experience.

Sofa Beds

Corner sofa beds are perfect for homes that frequently host guests. They function both as seating and as a sleeping solution, with a pull-out bed that can be easily deployed.

Chaise Corner Sofas

These sofas include an extended chaise section, offering extra legroom. Ideal for those who like to stretch out or need extra seating during gatherings.

As you consider these options, think about your space, needs, and aesthetics. At Finline Furniture, our experts can help guide you through our extensive range to find the perfect match for your home.

Pros and Cons of Corner Sofas


Space Efficiency: Corner sofas utilise corners effectively, providing more walking space in other areas of the room.
Seating Capacity: They generally offer more seating than regular sofas with the same horizontal space.
Versatility: Many models come with features like modular designs, recliners, or sofa beds, enhancing their utility.
Aesthetic Appeal: Corner sofas can serve as a focal point in a room, defining space and adding a touch of elegance.


Size and Mobility: Larger models can be difficult to move and may not fit in all rooms.
Orientation: Choosing between a left-hand and right-hand orientation can be confusing and may not work in all room layouts.
Cost: Typically, corner sofas are an investment and might be priced higher than standard sofas due to their size and functionality.

Corner sofa

How to Measure Your Room for a Corner Sofa

Measuring your room accurately before purchasing a corner sofa is crucial. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:
Measure the length and width of your room.
Determine the corner where you’d like to place the sofa.
Consider any doors, windows, or radiators that might affect placement.
Allow for walking space and room for other furniture.
Visit Finline Furniture’s website for detailed measurement guides or contact our team for personalised advice.


How do you measure a corner sofa? Measure the width, depth, and height. Don’t forget the diagonal depth for fitting through doorways.
How do you drape a throw on a corner sofa? Drape it casually over one corner or along the back for a touch of style.
How to choose a left or right corner sofa? Consider the layout of your room and where the sofa will fit best.
What are the downsides of a corner sofa? Their size and fixed configuration can be challenging if you often rearrange your space.
What are the advantages of a corner sofa? They offer maximum seating and can make a room feel larger.
Do corner sofas make a room look smaller? No, they usually help in maximising space.
Is a corner sofa worth it? Yes, especially for larger families or those who entertain often.
Is a corner sofa better than 2 sofas? This depends on your space and needs; corner sofas generally offer more seating and save space.
What is the difference between a corner sofa and an L-shaped sofa? These terms are often used interchangeably but can differ in size and design.
Are L-shaped sofas worth it? Yes, for their functional and aesthetic value.
Which shape sofa is best? The best shape depends on your room’s layout and your lifestyle needs.

Thank you for exploring our guide to corner sofas. Ready to find the perfect corner sofa for your home? Visit our website to view our extensive range of products and get more tailored advice from our team. Transform your space today with Finline Furniture!

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