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Energia: Say hello to the Moixa Smart Battery

Do you want to be in control of your energy usage and take a step into a more green, sustainable future? Then Energia have the product for you – the Moixa Smart Battery!

With many households and businesses looking to do their bit for the environment to reduce their carbon footprint, renewable energy sources are growing in popularity each year with Solar Panels being one of the most popular choices. Solar Panels generate renewable energy throughout the day and this energy is used to supply the electricity in your home.

You’re in control
Have you ever wondered what happens to the energy from your Solar Panels that hasn’t been used? Unfortunately, any excess energy your home or business hasn’t used is sent directly back to the grid. Energia have helped to develop a solution for this through our partnership with Moixa.

The Moixa Smart Battery is an innovative product that helps you gain energy independence by generating and storing your own renewable energy. Instead of excess energy being sent back to the grid, this excess energy will go into charging the Moixa Smart Battery. This means you can take control of energy already generated as the Moixa battery can discharge energy into your appliances when the sun isn’t outshining – which is great with the unpredictable Irish weather!


Savings, Savings, Savings!
In addition to gaining energy independence, the Solar PV Panels paired with the Moixa’s smart battery and energy-management software has many other added benefits. Having a reduced energy consumption can lower the overall cost of your bills, allowing you to stay in control on how you use your home energy. Having a smart battery also allows you to take advantage of day and night tariffs, allowing you to charge your battery at night when it’s less expensive. Think of all those savings! To top all these benefits off, having a Moixa Smart Battery means you will be taking a step into a more sustainable, greener future.


Come chat to us

Our representatives will be chatting in more detail about the Moixa Smart Battery at the Finished Virtual Home Show. Make sure you come to say hello and take a step into your greener future.

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