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Home Office Upgrade

With the majority of us now working from home for the foreseeable future, now is a great time to consider a home office upgrade. In an ideal situation, a dedicated home office would be the top choice. However, there are still ways to develop your own dedicated work office space even if space is limited. Conduct an audit of your home to source the most suitable remote working space. Walk around each room and consider their suitability by using the following key factors: Noise and traffic flow, Lighting and ventilation, Space and organisation.

Noise and traffic flow

When choosing where to set up a home office, consider the noise levels from appliances such as the television and washing machine. Family and neighbours may also impact on your concentration levels so try to find somewhere closed off to minimise distractions from family members interrupting or walking by and increase work productivity. Invest in good quality headphones and use background noise if you find it helps you to be more productive.

Lighting and ventilation

can really impact on work efficiency so try to strike a balance between natural light and artificial lighting. Position your desk near a window, if possible, which will ensure great natural light as well as ventilation to clear your head space.

Space and organisation

Space and organisation is vital when setting up your office. If space is very limited, go vertical by investing in some tall bookshelves and drawers for effective storage space. If you are lucky to have a bigger area to work in, consider investing in a high quality desk and desk chair. A cluttered workspace can damage productivity. A spacious desk and comfortable chair will ensure you can work to the best of your ability while supporting your back and body.

Consider what you need on your desk. This could include laptop, screen monitors, a phone, lamp, hardware, printers, stationary, desk lamp…Which will all impact on the size desk you may need. Check out the fabulous desk above by @rowell_design. A great addition to any home and not many left up for grabs over on their instagram page. Another fabulous desk featured above is the Carter Desk, available now for home delivery from Neptune By Global Village.

Check out and which have other home office equipment available for home delivery.

Consider some desk decor which can help your mind and mentality by placing some plants, flowers, photo frames, candles or other decor which will create a sense of calm and focus. A himalayan salt lamp may be the perfect addition to your desk.

Check out Zara, Dunnes, and H&M for some decor ideas- all offering home delivery services.

Remember, ergonomics is of paramount importance and will impact your comfort, health and overall work performance.

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