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How do I decide where to put my Sofa?

How do I decide where to put my Sofa?

The sofa is the biggest piece of furniture to be placed in the living room. The ideal sofa placement will be based around a few things like the balance and flow of the room and the amount of space that should be left around the sofa. All these factors will help you to decide on where you should put your sofa.

Due to your sofa being such a large item it takes up a lot of physical space, but it also takes up a lot of visual space. When a sofa is placed in a living room or another room it may appear to leave the room unbalanced, with your eye automatically being drawn to the largest object in the room. This can be solved by using other pieces of furniture being placed on the other side of the room. In doing this you will appear to have created more of a balance in the room. This means that the sofa will not become the focal point of the room.                                  

When thinking about where to place your sofa you should think about the traffic flow of the room. Due to the sofa being such a large item and taking up large amounts of space you don’t want it to be placed too close to any doors as many people would travel through this area, having a large item such as a sofa there would create a tripping hazard. It is also important that if there is a coffee table in the space where you want the sofa to be, it would be important to leave a large enough amount of space between the coffee table and the sofa so that people have enough space to get in at the sofa.

It is very common for people to push a sofa up against a wall and sometimes it is needed due to the size of the room, but in general it is much better to give the sofa space form the wall. This is especially important when there are radiators on that part of the wall as this may damage the sofa.

The ideal sofa placement in a living room is one that it at an angle to the tv that is not so large that the picture becomes distorted  and not so small that the people sitting there would be excluded from a conversation. It should also be on the opposite side of a room to another sofa or more than one smaller piece of furniture so the room appears to be balanced in the room. It should be close enough the a window to provide light and to allow for a breeze during the hotter months but also close enough to a radiator/heater so that the people sitting there stay warm during colder months, but not to close as to cause them to sweat or cause damage to the sofa material. The sofa should also be far enough away from any entrances to the room to avoid creating a tripping hazard.

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