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How to create the Perfect Bathroom

How to create the Perfect Bathroom

A bathroom all be it one of the most often used rooms in the house is quite often forgotten in something like the remodel of a house, but it is almost always an easy fix to spruce it up a bit. It starts with trying to organise all the toiletries and towels. This can often be solved by removing old bottles. Another solution is instead of having a mirror, have mirrored cabinets or multi-tray storage units to hold items and stop them from cluttering up your bathroom.

Another thing you can do to brighten up your bathroom is get a decent bath mat, getting a nice bath mat can bring some colour to the room. Making sure that the mat is good quality, so that it feels nice under foot when getting out of the shower and absorbs all the moisture so you not left with a puddle on the bathroom floor.

When it comes to the colour of your bathroom you should choose a colour that helps set the tone of the room. Most people prefer to go with clean and bright colours like white so that the room appears bright, but I would recommend using warmer colours while still keeping the brightness such as off white or grey. You could also go with a darker colour scheme for much cosier feeling that could be added to the room by using colours such as blue, turquoise or even red. These colours will make the room much darker, making the room feel smaller and much cosier.

Tiling your bathroom is another way to make it more interesting or give it a bit of life even if you cannot afford to tile the whole room try adding a border. Tiles give a bathroom fresh fresh clean look that can only be achieved by gleaming tiles. Another benefit is that they are are to keep clean and maintain.

Another small thing that can be added to to tidy up the appearance of the bathroom is a towel rack. Even a simple one can be a great help help in preventing the towels from being left in a soggy pile on the floor or dripping off the shower rail. They can be whatever size, shape or colour you need to suit the style of your bathroom. You could even use something like a vintage ladder as a towel rack.

Something that you can do to really improve your bathroom is adding a nice scented soap or even a candle. Having a nice strong smelling soap can often leave the bathroom smelling just like the soap. Another way to go is with candles, having a scented candle can have the same effect as the soap, but it acts much quicker.

Adding art is one of the easier ways to change a room. It is quick and easy to ad paintings, photographs and even models or statue. These few things can really transform it into a new space, you should be aware of humidity though. The humidity may affect the look of the painting and may lead to colours fading.

There are a few smaller things that can be added to liven up the place as well. Such as replacing the counter tops, or adding a table lamp, adding a flower or replacing your shower curtain. Even adding a wall decal to entertain wandering eyes. Doing these small things can greatly help improve the appearance and appeal of your bathroom.

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