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UK home interior companies who ship free to Ireland

Look, we didn’t get you here on false pretences. We genuinely spent 6.5 hours researching UK home interior companies who ship free to Ireland. Ten—yes, TEN—Google pages and countless related searches later, we came to the conclusion that we, the Finishers, suffered this travesty, so that you didn’t have to.

So, below you’ll find an incredibly small collection of websites you can use to buy fantastic home interiors products from the UK, with free delivery to Ireland.

We found three. Three retailers that sell furniture, lighting, and accessories, and are prepared to ship them free of charge to Ireland.

However, we also found out quite a lot of information about how websites deliver to Ireland, so we thought we’d give you all the news, not just some of it, and there’s a neat workaround at the end, for those who have just about had enough of poor delivery arrangements from the UK to the EU (and yes, make no mistake, this is before Brexit).

Read on to discover our revelations!

Home interiors sites with free shipping to Ireland

Yes, these exist!

The White Company

Live it up with elegant home furnishings, from cushions to sofas; accessories for your dining room, living room, and kitchen, and even goodies to make you and your home smell great.
You can get the delivery information right here, but be assured the White Company offers free shipping to Ireland for all products, including furniture, as long as you spend over £50 (approx. €60).

Harrogate Interiors

Harrogate Interiors produces some rather unusual styles of furnishings and accessories for your home. You probably won’t see these anywhere else, and certainly not in your neighbour’s home./

What’s more, although their ‘international’ shipping arrangements seem a little vague, they do state: “But generally our standard shipping to your chosen port is free of charge.”

We’d suggest you check carefully with them about your order before making it, in case of disappointment. Despite the vagueness, we’re optimistic that this could be a good site to use, and their products are certainly worth a look.

Tylko Shelving

This crazy paving of shelving is completely customisable, and is all about filling the bits of space you have with interesting and useful shelves and cupboards. Everything clicks into place, so it’s technically no more complex than making a shelf out of Duplo®. But more elegant.

If you check out the shipping arrangements, they’re totally free.

Non-UK home interiors sites with more-or-less free shipping to Ireland


Hem is a smashing boutique website, with some completely gorgeous lighting, rugs, furniture, and accessories. They’re not cheap, but neither are their designs and fabrics. Their designers are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and their products are made by a variety of artisanal creators and small companies, right across Europe.
Hem ships free to Ireland, and indeed, right across Europe.

Scandinavian Design Center

Seriously, the Swedes have it all. From wibbly-wobbly stoneware for your dining room, to slick modern designs and luxurious fabrics, these guys are seriously aware of the nuances that make up modern design culture. /

The Scandinavian Design Center ships free to Ireland as long as you’ve spent €149. If you spend less than that, it’ll cost you €9. However, bear in mind they can’t ship furniture and other bulky items.

Mokee Nursery Furniture

Featured on Mumsnet and a variety of other parent-orientated sites, Mokee produces well-made furniture designed to be used and overused by your little monkeys (and then passed down and hopefully used by their little monkeys), and all at a price considered affordable. It’s not quite home furnishings, but is definitely something most families will need at some point!

Best of all, Mokee provides all EU delivery free of charge, including free shipping to Ireland.

Home interiors sites that ship to Ireland with under €10 delivery charge


Anthropologie is a fantastic boutique site, with a lot of unusual stuff. From sofas and soft furnishings, to all the twiddly bits, it’s got that ‘reassuringly expensive’ feel to it, although you don’t have to spend a fortune if you choose carefully. We particularly like it for finishing touches.

They don’t ship free to Ireland, but their standard delivery takes only 3 to 5 working days to arrive, and costs only €5, which is a bargain really.

Tiffany Lighting Direct

Tiffany lamps may have a certain time period or taste associated with them, but as a brand style, they’ve developed and grown with the years. From the classic styles, to more modern takes on glass lampshades, Tiffany Lighting Direct has more than enough to choose from.

Again, Tiffany Lighting Direct does not ship free to Ireland, but it does only charge a £9 flat fee.

Big home brands already based in Ireland

Next, John Lewis, House of Fraser, and Debenhams are already all in Ireland, as you’ll be aware. But did you know, Next offers free next-day delivery to your home?

Debenhams is free on orders over €4.95, and House of Fraser gives free delivery on orders over £50 (and £3.95 for delivery on orders under £50). John Lewis brings up the rear with delivery costs “from €10.00”. Fees may be more for larger or more expensive items.

If you’re familiar with Harry Corry, for bedding and curtains, that site offers free delivery on orders over €60.

The workaround

It isn’t just that UK companies don’t offer FREE shipping to Ireland. It’s that many of them literally don’t ship to Ireland at all.

With that in mind, delivery companies with a bit more about them have set up virtual addresses within the UK to enable those in the Republic of Ireland to access shipping arrangements more easily.

Obviously, this service isn’t free. What’s more, it tends to cost more for larger items, so may be better for buying clothes and only home accessories, rather than sofas and tables. However, the option’s there, in case you’re beginning to feel desperate.


AddressPal only ships items that are less than 20kg, so large items are a no-no. You should check out their pricing and sizing guide to work out how much it would cost you. More awkward parcels could cost you €25 each, so this may not be a viable way to outsmart the delivery gremlins.

DPD Parcel Wizard

Again, it’s limited, but you can get deliveries under 31kg sent to your home via a DPD Parcel Wizard virtual address. It’ll cost €3.85 for the first 20kg, plus €10 per consignment, plus 72 cents per additional kg. The maths on their FAQs page looks complicated, but should enable you to work out if it will be worth the additional cost and effort.

So, this blog may not have finished off your shipping woes, but if you wanted to avoid hours of research going through 100+ listed pages and websites, we hope we helped you!

Shipping isn’t the only problem, but it’s often the biggest one, with costs spiralling out of control unless a company has a good relationship with a delivery company. Let us know if you find any more UK companies that ship free to Ireland!

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